Welcome to Sound Harmony Chorus!

We hope that you have had the opportunity to visit and sing with us at rehearsal at least three times.  Most people who visit for the first time have questions, and hopefully we were able to answer them.  If not, please don't hesitate to reach us at [email protected].



You are eligible to join the chorus after attending at least three rehearsals and passing an audition. 

At the audition, you will be singing in a quartet for the director and your section leader.  You will be expected to hold your own part in the quartet and sing the correct words and notes.  You will find out within 24 hours if you have passed the audition.  If you are unable to pass the first time, you be offered another chance to audition.

We have the audition music as well as learning tracks on our web site.  We will give you access to the "members only" login with username and password to soundharmony.org.  This user/password is only good for the audition songs.  Two songs are available for you to choose from.  You will have time to sing with a practice quartet before you audition so you feel comfortable with your part.  At the audition, the director listens for accuracy as well as your ability to hold your own part in a quartet. 


We want you to be able to do your very best so here are some tips for a successful audition:

Listen to your learning tracks to become familiar not only with the notes and words, but also the way the song is sung.  Barbershop is totally different singing craft and the timing on your music is not always the interpretation you hear on the learning tracks.

Barbershop may be a new sound for you.  To give you a head start, "fine tuning" is the key.  In other words, depend on your musical instincts, sing in tune, and listen to people around you.

Being nervous prior to and during the audition is a perfectly normal feeling.  Just remember, the best way to get a grip on your nervousness is to be well prepared with your notes and words.  Learn your music well.  Good preparation results in a good audition.

WE WANT YOU TO PASS! We're in the business of recruiting singers and sharing the wonderful art form and performing.  Asking us anytime if you have questions, and practice, practice, practice.  Remember we were all new members at one time and we're cheering for you.