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What is barbershop music?

Today’s Sweet Adelines choruses and quartets sing exciting a cappella, four-part harmony music in the barbershop style, which means...

  • LEAD sings the melody,
  • TENOR sings the highest notes in the chord,
  • BARITONE fills in the missing notes around the melody to complete the chord, and
  • BASS supplies the harmonic foundation with the low notes.

What does Sound Harmony Chorus sing?

Our repertoire is growing steadily, and so far Sound Harmony Chorus is practicing:

  • a beautiful classic by Charlie Chaplin,
  • a rhythmic ABBA song from "Mamma Mia,"
  • Christmas carols (both traditional and modern),
  • a slow ballad by Lee Ann Womack, and
  • a harmonous cover of "Best Day of My Life"